BBC Radio 3 begins ‘HD Sound’ broadcasts

January 06, 2011

HD Sound is finally being transmitted! Access to this is through the BBC Radio 3 website.

BBC Radio 3 has become the first BBC station to trial broadcasts of what the corporation is calling ‘HD Sound’.

From today (14th December 2010) the station is offering a superior 320kbps feed alongside the existing stream, which broadcasts at 192kbps.

The stream will only be available online, with a separate button on the BBC Radio 3 website giving access to the higher quality sound.

The BBC has assured listeners that this new service will not affect the standard stream or the existing DAB and FM broadcasts.

Tim Davie, Director of BBC Audio and Music, said “I expect Radio 3 to be the first of an overall industry drive to keep improving the quality of audio for listeners.”

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