New Linn software

January 06, 2011

KinskyDesktop control software for Mac* is now available, providing seamless integration of Linn DS and Mac for Apple lovers to enjoy the highest quality music controlled through their Mac.

The new software was introduced in November as part of a bumper release for Linn DS which also includes iTunes library integration, enhanced radio features and a more environmentally friendly DS solution.

The new iTunes feature provides a simple, instant way for DS owners with a digitised music collection already in iTunes, whether on a Mac or PC, to enjoy higher quality through their Linn DS player.

New radio features added include:
Radio metadata, which identifies the track details from all compatible radio streams including Linn Radio
Shoutcast plug-in, providing instant access to over 75 high quality 320k stations that span genres from rock ‘n’ roll to reggae
WFMU plug-in, enabling live and on-demand content from the longest running freeform (no playlists) radio station in the US
BBC plug-in (UK users only), making it quick and easy to access the latest BBC radio podcast and listen again broadcasts

Finally, Linn DS players have become ‘greener’ with reduced power consumption when the products are in stand by or sleep mode.

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