Linn Akurate System featuring Exakt Akudorik speakers

May 01, 2015

Now on demonstration at Overture Hifi – The new Linn Exakt system featuring Akurate Exakt DSM and Linn Akudorik active loudspeakers.

Browse your digital music library, stream music and video online and hear movie soundtracks, all in exceptional detail. Akurate Exakt DSM connects to virtually any music or audio source in your home and plays it flawlessly.

Anything connected to the Akurate Exakt DSM is transmitted perfectly to the Exakt Akudorik speakers via Exakt Link, using a single digital cable. With multiple digital and analogue connections including HDMI, XLR, and an onboard phono stage for your turntable, we have everything covered; you can even Airplay from your phone or tablet.

And of course with Exakt technology and Space Optimisation+ on board, you’ll experience the most direct connection ever made between you and the artist, from a system that’s optimised for you.

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