Discretion is not always king!

The client was an established lover of Naim equipment and wanted to introduce Home Cinema without compromising his fantastic stereo music system.  Although it was not necessary to try to hide the home cinema speakers, physical constraints meant that a built-in solution was favourite.

The M&K in-wall speaker solution, Stewart drop down screen and Sim projector (the screen drops down in front of a Panasonic 42 inch plasma) proved to work best. Processing and amplification courtesy of Arcam AV8 and P7, DVD player also Arcam. Bass supplied from the M&K MX5000 subwoofer. Naim equipment racks were used to house all of the components and the touchscreen even controls the gas fire remotely!

The Naim NBL loudspeakers are driven actively using three NAP-500 amplifiers!

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  • Discretion is not always king!
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