Oxfordshire Home Cinema

A country residence in North Oxfordshire which illustrates how easily a living space can be transformed into a cinema at the touch of a button.

A Vutek 8 foot wide projection screen is located inside the ceiling void with service access from above on the gallery.  Discrete M&K loudspeakers are located in the bookshelves and the scale of the sound is provided by the large M&K subwoofer located at the rear of the room.

Arcam electronics provide the source and amplification and the projector is from the American company Runco.  The high gain screen and very bright projector ensure the system can be used in a variety of lighting conditions.

  • Remote Home Cinema
    Dedicated Cinema Room in this remote farmhouse
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  • Oxfordshire Home Cinema
    Discreet Home Cinema system in Oxfordshire Country House
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  • Discretion is not always king!
    The best of both worlds - great music/ stunning home cinema!
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  • Stylish Home Cinema
    Great performance and discreet finish at this Oxfordshire home
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