Remote Home Cinema

Located in a very remote farmhouse near Banbury, this room was designed to provide a very relaxed area exclusively for watching movies and TV. 

The system features Linn processing and DVD source and Triad ‘built-in’ loudspeakers and twin subwoofers.  The Yamaha DLP Projector presents a superb image on the Vutek 8 foot screen.

Control of all components is provided by an AMX touchscreen.

  • Remote Home Cinema
    Dedicated Cinema Room in this remote farmhouse
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  • Oxfordshire Home Cinema
    Discreet Home Cinema system in Oxfordshire Country House
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  • Discretion is not always king!
    The best of both worlds - great music/ stunning home cinema!
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  • Stylish Home Cinema
    Great performance and discreet finish at this Oxfordshire home
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