Atlas Equator 2.0 mkII BiWired Speaker Cable

Atlas Equator 2.0 mkII BiWired Speaker Cable

The Equator 2.0 MKII is a very musical cable, which will bring your system to life, especially when partnered with Atlas interconnect cables.

The Equator MKII uses a Polypropylene dielectric rather than the usual PVC or polyethylene, which provides tremendous clarity and imaging if your system is set up correctly. The copper conductors are contained in a cotton yarn in order to reduce microphony and the outer is a neutral pearl white colour. The Equator MKII cables offer a huge upgrade for most systems with a sweet treble and an extended clear bass.

There are various versions of the Equator including Single, Biwire and the larger diameter 3.0 specification.  Call us for advice before ordering.  The Biwire version features a solid core conductor for the higher frequencies which provides crystal clear trebles.

Price is for an unterminated metre, we can prepare whatever length you need and fit the appropriate plugs as necessary upon request.

For technical specifications please click on the link below:

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