Atlas Hyper 1.5 Speaker Cable

Atlas Hyper 1.5 Speaker Cable

The Hyper Series of cables brings a new level of performance to the the table and shows other cables at this price how to make music!

The Hyper cables use a PTFE dielectric and pure (99.9999%) OFC conductors, the purity of the copper is reflected in the purity and clarity of the sound, these cables are simply stunning.

The Hyper cables are available in sizes of 1.5sq mm, 2.0 sq mm, 3.0 sq mm and Bi Wire. The 1.5 should be used where bass isn’t a priority or for rear speakers in a cinema system. Choose the Hyper 2.0 or 3.0 for increased bass and the Bi Wire for improved high frequency information in a bi wire speaker system.

The speaker cables are designed to work with the matching Hyper interconnect,  the combination offers incredible results together.

Price is for an unterminated metre, we can prepare whatever length you need and fit the appropriate plugs as necessary upon request.

For technical specifications please click on the link below:

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