Atlas Element Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Atlas Element Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

The Element speaker cable is the first in a long line of superb offerings from Atlas, the Scottish cable company.  It offers great performance for the cost.

High purity copper and a discreet insulator means that this diminutive cable can be installed in spaces where a regular cable would be unsuitable.  It has a rectangular profile which means it can be run into a corner or along skirting without drawing attention to itself.  It’s insulation is also paintable so that a really discreet finish can be achieved.

This is the BiWired version which means that there are four cables contained within the insulation, ideal for bi-wired or bi-amped speaker systems.  Based on the standard Element 1.25, this version is double insulated which improves performance and offers a tidier termination.

Price is for an unterminated metre, we can prepare whatever length you need and fit the appropriate plugs as necessary upon request.

For technical specifications please click on the link below:

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