Atlas Element Integra Interconnect Cable

Atlas Element Integra Interconnect Cable

The Atlas Element is the lowest cost analogue interconnect in the the Atlas range.  It has a 100% screen to provide rejection of radio frequency interference, it employs high quality oxygen free copper for it’s conductors together with a low loss polyethylene dielectric.

The Element was designed to outperform the other popular interconnects at the price and works well with all analogue sources and between pre and power amplifiers.

The Atlas hallmarks of precise focus and three dimensionality are immediately evident.

The sound quality from the Atlas Element completely belies it’s modest price.

We recommend that you match the Element with Element 1.25, Element 2.0 or Element Bi Wire speaker cables.


Asymmetrical / unbalanced

Double shielded with close lapped insulation

99.9997% pure OFC copper multi-stranded screen provides 100% rejection of interference

Low loss foamed polyethylene dielectric

Centre core is 99.9997% pure OFC copper multi-stranded conductor

6.5mm diameter with a soft PVC jacket

75 Ohm impedance

Direct gold plated RCA plugs

Colour: Pearl White- Price for 1 Metre Pair

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