Linn news: Death of the CD player one year on

January 06, 2011

One year ago the blaze of publicity that surrounded our announcement to end CD player manufacture created a new wave of converts from CD to Linn DS, to the benefit of Linn Specialists who were well-positioned with DS events, demonstrations, robust installation and unbeatable service.

There’s no doubt that Linn’s recent Label of the Year award from Gramophone magazine was heavily influenced by the “Death of CD player” media coverage, because it carried the clear leadership message that Studio Master downloads and Linn DS represent the future of music, delivering original studio-quality sound in the home for the first time.

High resolution music titles from Linn and other record labels continue to grow rapidly, and 2011 promises to be a milestone year for the availability of some favourite analogue music of the past being remastered and offered for download at 24-bit. This really is a turning point for the music industry; for the first time since the introduction of the CD, the quality of digital music for the mainstream is finally going up!

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