Arcam ‘Road to Rio’ promotion.

May 06, 2014

Take the ‘Road to Rio’ and upgrade to a new Arcam AV receiver or processor.

For over 20 years, Arcam has been committed through its range of home theatre products, to deliver ‘world class’ multi-channel audio coupled with cutting edge video. This has been particularly evident in our range of AV receivers and processors. Arcam has an unrivalled ability to truly bring Movies and Music to Life within these benchmark products.

As a valued and loyal customer, Arcam is offering you the opportunity to trade-in your old Arcam AV receiver or processor against one of our new AV products in our ‘Road to Rio’ promotion, so called as this event runs from now until July 13th 2014, the date of the FIFA World Cup Final in Brazil.

Trade-in your Arcam AV product* and claim £950.00 against an AV950 processor
Trade-in your Arcam AV product* and claim £750.00 against an AVR750 AV receiver
Trade-in your Arcam AV product* and claim £450.00 against an AVR450 AV receiver

This is how to claim your owners discount –

*Step 1. If you currently own one of the following, you can take advantage of this trade-in offer – AVR100, AVR200, AVR250, AVR280, AVR300, AVR350, AVR360, AVR400, AVR500, AVR600 receivers as well as the AVP700, AV8, AV9 and AV888 processors.

Step 2. Contact us either by phone or email (or simply walk in to the store) to ask more about which of our new products is right for you and book a demonstration.

It really is that simple………

Overture Ltd. 01295 272158

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