Sound proofing to the extreme

This ancient barn, located in the centre of a South Oxfordshire town, with its thatched roof and paper thin walls was a completely unsuitable building to be considered as a place where music could be enjoyed or drums could be practiced!  The space had previously been used as a storage area for the usual accumulated junk by the owners, the barn is situated in the garden, just yards away from the main house and very close to neighbours.

We introduced the client to a company called Acoustibloc who specialise in acoustically sealing living spaces and they completely lined the building with their treatment material which enabled the room to be used for the purposes intended.  Music can be played at realistic levels and the permanently installed drum kit can be practiced on at any time without disturbing the neighbours. 

Every part of the building, including the floors and ceilings, are lined with the black sound insulation.  This clearly needs to be done before any of the other structural work is done.  A full consultation and project management service was offered by Overture and Acoustibloc.

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