D L C (Brackley)

DLC in Oxfordshire is one of the UK’s largest Debt Collections Agencies and their 400 seat call centre is an integral part of the operation, with the capacity to manage high volumes of inbound and outbound telephone calls.

Providing significant employment for the area, DLC offer a very flexible approach to staffing and the fantastic facilities available to employees ensure great working conditions in what is a unique setting. Operations Director Steve Grima explains “It is a very stressful environment for our agents to work within, which is why we believe it is important to provide subtle background music, this has a soothing effect and helps to alleviate the stress for them”.

Established in 1992, DLC currently employ around 350 full and part time workers and are based in four buildings at their headquarters in Brackley.  Both working and relaxation areas of the facility are covered with Bose loudspeakers, all of which have access to various radio stations or other music sources.  There are almost 150 speakers altogether, using 100 volt line amplifiers from Bose and Cloud to assure a smooth and clear performance over the office spaces, canteens and relaxation areas.

The result of this comprehensive audio installation is an atmosphere of calm in a space where agents are often involved in very intense conversations.  DLC have been delighted with the system, as Steve Grima confirms – “The standard of the Bose system as installed by Overture is first class, and has helped immensely in promoting great sound quality which is discrete but also very calming”.

The Venue;

Four modern office buildings, accommodating up to 400 employees at one of the largest debt collecting agencies in the UK.

The Challenge;

To provide background music for call centre workers which is clear enough for the employees to enjoy but not imposing on clients.

The Solution;

An extensive system utilising almost 150 flush Model 32 and DS16 Bose loudspeakers, Bose and Cloud power amplifiers and Denon CD Players and Tuners.

The result;

D.L.C have a reliable audio system which is used 16 hours a day, 7 days a week providing high quality music to the benefit of all employees and visitors.

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